Umbrella Services

for Contractors

What is an Umbrella company?

An umbrella company acts as an employer to Contractors where a Contract of Employment will be issued stating all rights and obligations

Payroll services are provided on behalf of the Contractor for all work done within the given assignment. The amount that is paid is determined by how may hours are worked, what the rate is and if there are any allowable expenses to be claimed. All tax, NI contributions and auto-enrolment is processed through PAYE (Pay As You Earn).

The benefits of using an umbrella company

Contractors are free to work for agencies and end-clients without having to worry about their payroll and other admin because an umbrella company will take care of all of that for them. The end-client is the company whom the Contractor works for, this may be within any industry and sector (see Industries and Sectors page).

As an umbrella company, Incore Umbrella charge a fixed weekly or monthly margin to offer all of the above, freeing Contractors up to concentrate on their job and reducing the risks associated with contract work.


The Umbrella Process

Payroll for Umbrella allows contractors to easily move between contacts without experiencing any pay gaps or complicating their tax situation

As a contractor, all you need to do is submit your hours worked and any expenses to Incore Umbrella via a timesheet which will be provided and formulated for ease of use. We then invoice the Recruitment Agency, chase up any monies owed (if necessary) and pay you on a PAYE basis with NI contributions already deducted.

Our margin is fixed and is taken directly from your weekly or monthly wage so you will always know exactly how much you are going to be paid and there is no need to put aside any money for NI contributions, tax or our administration fees.

Once the monies have been received from the agency/end-client, we will then process it and pay the contractor on either a weekly or monthly basis (dependant upon assignment). Contractors do not need to worry about tax codes, NI and other admin involved with payroll as we take care of everything.

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