About us

Who we are

We are a small Birmingham based company looking to expand our reach nationwide and nothing excites us more than the prospect of becoming a leading Umbrella company within the UK. With over 7 years of experience in payroll, we are confident that we have the drive and expertise to ensure our clients are taken care of.

We have a very strong work ethic and prioritise service and communication above all else and our small but dedicated team are always happy to help with any enquiries.

At Incore Umbrella, we pride ourselves on developing solutions to suit each individual client with which we work. Our core mission is to reduce the amount of time and money companies and contractors are spending on administration, freeing them to concentrate on growing their businesses and driving our economy forward.

If you’re a contractor looking to do away with the hassle of calculating your tax return and your expenses, we can take care of all that for you by employing you directly.

What we do

We act as a bridge between contractors and their clients, providing services such as payroll, invoice administration and PAYE taxation management

In providing the above we allow contractors and clients to outsource their admin, leaving them to concentrate on what they do best. At Incore Umbrella our goal is to become the leading umbrella company in the UK and with our expertise and knowledgeable team, we are well on our way to doing that.

From the contractor’s point of view we can reduce the uncertainty associated with contract work by directly employing them and taking care of their NI, income tax and expenses claims.

For end-clients we can deal with all payroll administration, including the production and distribution of payslips, calculating tax codes, paying NI contributions and dealing with HMRC on their behalf.

We aim to provide bespoke services to our Contractors and by doing so we can save our clients money by reducing their administration.

This symbiotic relationship is the future of company administration and we are proud to be leading the way.

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